New theme and new game (dev blog entry 1 I guess?)

It’s been some time since the last update.

In the past few days I’ve been thinking about working on my own game. Well actually there’s more than just thinking (as I do it all the time), because I’ve really started to watch videos and read about technology, game dev etc. So I got as close to actually working on my own game as I haven’t been in years.

But let’s get to the point.

The Game

What I know:

  • It will be multiplayer
  • It will be a RPG(ish)
  • It will have a lot of options/activities/subgenres
  • It will be free/freemium ( didn’t think much about monetization yet)
  • It will have a “real economy”
  • It will have DEATH (with big consequences, more like in rougelites, than simple respawn)
  • It will be focused on cooperation rather than fight/destruction (although it will be possible to interact with other players)
  • It will have a Log/Journal storing the history of the World

What I don’t know:

  • The title – I believe something will come up eventually.
  • The timeframe/release date – I learned to be realistic in this matters
  • Graphical design
  • Sound/music
  • Many of the details

Where/when do I start?

The ideas have started already last week. The coding will start probably this weekend.

What’s the goal/goals?

For me:

  • to create something I always wanted to play.
  • to simulate the fake world with real/common people having impact on it’s economy/politics
  • to earn shitton of $$$ 😀

For players – to have fun, and be part of something (hopefully) big and great.

Imprisoned patch

Hi Guys,

I’m the author of the Imprisoned one of the first user-contributed games for Choice of Games.  I kinda neglected it for these 5 years for various reasons, but I still keep getting messages here and there that people can’t finish the game and reach the ultimate ending, so I decided to patch it up.

And who knows, maybe if I get hooked again I may even resurrect my second project “The Orc”. We’ll see. Won’t promise this time.

It’s now official – Myth IT

I’ve started a company. It’s called Myth IT (if it’s not already obvious)

In the country I live in it’s quite uncommon not to say ‘rare’. And the best thing is that the one of reasons I started it it’s the one of the reasons why people in general avoid it – public health insurance. (For almost 80% of minimal wage you gain almost nothing)

Of course that’s not the only reason for taking such a big step in my career. Among the several others there was also a need to learn about living and, of course, a plan to earn helluva lot of money.

It was an inspiring step I must admit. Despite the fact I’m running my own company for less then 2 weeks now, I’ve already learned much about taxes, insurances, accounts etc. Nothing very interesting for a common folk, but a great deal of information for someone like me, who likes to know how the world goes round.

For the bad news – I can’t get the domain I wanted (also I won’t tell which it is to avoid competition) and I have to try to hunt it in a couple of months and for now try to find a backup one.

Hopefully that would be the biggest problem this year.