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  • Wroclaw’s University of Technology graduate (Computer Science Masters 2011)
  • shooter
  • novice politican
  • dreamer
  • beard man
  • supporter of the death penalty
  • shooter
  • monarchist
  • art collector
  • cat owner
  • roleplayer (Warhammer, Warhammer 40k)



  • e-mail: me@myththrazz.com

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  1. I couldn’t find a way to contact you other than this.

    Regarding “Imprisoned”:

    The game ends when I have 7 days left. The amount of time you’re given doesn’t seem to be enough to:

    #1: Get the needle (even if your luck is max, it still takes some time to try once)
    #2: Examine The Walls
    #3: Discover a the Carving
    #4: Recognise The Carving
    #5: FINISH the carving
    #6: Have Alistair tell you about the rat


    #7: Both have food and be rested enough to lure the rat.

    Even with enough wisdom to recognise the carving. Max luck so you find the needle instantly, being a human male with high charisma, having max endurance so you don’t need as much rest, admitting to your charges to avoid being tortured AND having slightly above average dexterity and reflexes so you can CATCH the rat, it doesn’t seem possible to finish in time. The claim sets I’ve ever gotten is finishing the portal but being too tired to trap the rat.

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