About my nickname


The “Myth” part of my nickname is from the game “Myth II: The Soulblighter” (which some of you may remember, however it’s rather unlikely).  I liked this game pretty much (Molotov’s Coctail tossing dwarves were tremendous) and the name sounded cool, so I decided to pick it as a part of my nickname.


A couple of years ago I found myself on the graveyard in Lubin (Poland). The reason why I went there is a longer story (and not that interesting). Anyway, I have a habit of reading the descriptions on the graves. So I was walking around this graveyard, reading names and I think I’ve seen name “Thrazz” on one of them. The thing is that’s very unlikely because it’s surely not a common name anywhere especially in Poland. However I decided that if I had an opportunity I’ll go there someday and try to find out.

Regardless of the fact if I really seen it there or not, I’m using Thrazz as a second part of my nickname since then.