Projects are like procreation

January 26, 2023
Total countBillions of spermTens to thousands of ideas
Successful count0-8 at a time0-1 at a time
RequirementsGood partnerGood partner

The Most Powerful Force in All Universes

January 21, 2023

The story.

Conspiracy Theories are important/valuable

January 7, 2023

At their core conspiracy theories are the embodiment of critical thinking. Asking questions nobody asks, rejecting ‘truths’, forcing people to actually do research and find proofs. Remember that before Galileo/Copernicus people generally believed that the sun orbits the Earth.


January 6, 2023

Is a deep negative feeling channeled from the future in which the bad outcome has already happened.

Ice Cream

December 16, 2022

Are the combination of the best features of: mayonnaise, sour cream, candy and cold beverages.


Paradoxally, is the most common thing in the Universe.


November 18, 2022

We’re just biological machines spending their existence trying to figure out: who built us? why? and how do we even work internally?

Getting emotional

October 3, 2022

I recently realized it’s one of my favourite states. Regardless of the source, book, music, game, story or real-life event.


How cooperation of Poles and Japanese resulted in probably the best anime of 2022.

Ask questions instead of making assumptions

September 3, 2022

This is almost universally better.

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