The main goal of a country is to protect a piece of land and it’s inhabitants from both internal and external dangers.

The source of danger could be anything which can hurt:


  1. Every inhabitant is responsible for knowing and enforcing the laws.
  2. Laws should not change more often than once a decade. (min. vacatio legis = 10 years)
  3. Any law change would need to be accepted by vast majority of inhabitants (>80%)
  4. Actions that harm life, health, possessions or freedom of others are illegal, unless they are consensual beyond doubt. (Self harm is acceptable)
  5. Punishment can and should be adequate to the guilt in scale and nature. (Eye for an eye)
  6. Laws are equal to any person on the land with no exceptions.


If inhabitants decide to raise an army to protect the country from external threats each inhabitant is responsible for participating in costs based on the percentage of value of their possessions.

All non-commercial infrastructure projects can be crowdfunded.