November 1, 2019

It’s been some time since the last update.

In the past few days I’ve been thinking about working on my own game. Well actually there’s more than just thinking (as I do it all the time), because I’ve really started to watch videos and read about technology, game dev etc. So I got as close to actually working on my own game as I haven’t been in years.

But let’s get to the point.

The Game

What I know:

  • It will be multiplayer
  • It will be a RPG(ish)
  • It will have a lot of options/activities/subgenres
  • It will be free/freemium ( didn’t think much about monetization yet)
  • It will have a “real economy”
  • It will have DEATH (with big consequences, more like in rougelites, than simple respawn)
  • It will be focused on cooperation rather than fight/destruction (although it will be possible to interact with other players)
  • It will have a Log/Journal storing the history of the World

What I don’t know:

  • The title – I believe something will come up eventually.
  • The timeframe/release date – I learned to be realistic in this matters
  • Graphical design
  • Sound/music
  • Many of the details

Where/when do I start?

The ideas have started already last week. The coding will start probably this weekend.

What’s the goal/goals?

For me:

  • to create something I always wanted to play.
  • to simulate the fake world with real/common people having impact on it’s economy/politics
  • to earn shitton of $$$ :D

For players – to have fun, and be part of something (hopefully) big and great.