Too many streaming services

July 29, 2021

Will push people back to piracy (especially the ones with geoblocking)

Best stories

July 25, 2021

Are related to the motive of the immortality

I could solve most of human problems

July 19, 2021

Small, big or even huge worldwide problems. I have multiple solutions for each problem instead of multiple problems for each solution.

Science is just another religion

Treating things as true/real just because a scientist says so is equally smart/dum as treating things any kind of priest says.

Money is representation of debt

July 16, 2021

Any currency FIAT or crypto.

There are way too many people

July 13, 2021

The World would generally do much better if there were way less humans and at the same time it would have been a much better place to live in.

WordPress Rant #1

July 9, 2021

WordPress is missing so many basic features in it’s core, which are essential to any reasonable site eg.

The most important economy rule

In a totally free market only the supply and demand matters.

You should be able to joke

July 8, 2021

About absolutely anything.

Less group centered

July 7, 2021

More unit centered.

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